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It's time for Governor's School Fall Semester 2019 Orientation.

If you will take a 2019-2020 academic year (i.e., "year-long") class and/or a fall 2019 semester block schedule Governor's School class you must attend a Fall 2019 Orientation session. (If you will take a spring 2020 semester Governor's School class you must attend Spring 2020 Orientation in January 2020.) During orientation you will not only be able to meet your instructor, learn of class polices, and receive class materials, you will also be introduced to the technology used in taking a Governor's School class. (The Governor's School will use new software tools for its virtual school and course content delivery beginning fall 2019.) Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to meet your classmates and the Governor's School staff.

Orientation will be held in the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center (map and directions) in Abingdon, Virginia. The Center is located on the campus of Virginia Highlands Community College. The room location of each orientation session will be posted daily on the entrance doors of the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center. You may also ask the receptionist at the Center's lobby information desk for directions to your meeting room on the day of your orientation session.

You missed it! Nevertheless, it is not too late to register for a class starting in the fall semester. The Governor's School's schedule of classes for the 2019-2020 academic year is available here

Please contact the Governor's School Office, by calling Ms. Sylvia White at 276-619-4326, to schedule a make-up orientation session.


Please note that regardless of student obligations, class materials will not be mailed to the student and/or student's school. All class materials must be picked up by the student either during their assigned orientation period or subsequently by visiting the Governor's School Offices by appointment only.


Every student electing to take a Governor's School class under the dual enrollment program, where one receives both high school and college credit while enrolled in a class, must complete a community college application for their regional college sometime in their academic career.

If this term's Governor's School class is your first dual enrollment class, you have never completed an application for a dual enrollment class through your high school or community college. Therefore, you must do so as soon as possible to receive college credit for your Governor's School class(es).

To access the appropriate application, please click here.

It is strongly suggested that you complete the application as soon as possible.


A New HGS Virtual School

Beginning with the start of the Fall 2019 term, the Governor's School will use new software platforms for both on-demand and real time classes. For distribution of instructional material and other content to support all HGS classes, the Governor's School has chosen the Canvas Learning Management System. For real-time instruction, conferences, and similar activities, the school will now use Jigsaw Interactive.

The products were chosen for the better experience they will provide students in and out of the virtual classroom. Both software products support the Microsoft operating system and Apple OS notebooks and laptops, and most devices, including many Android tablets and phones in addition to Apple tablets and phones.


Smart Phone E-mail Access is now available

To use this feature:

  • Connect using your e-mail address and password
  • Once connected, the setup and access should be automatic by using the auto discover feature of the phone (auto discover is active on the mail server)
  • If connecting manually, use holtonmail.hgs.k12.va.us as the server name

You can reach the non-flash mail access web page here: http://www.hgs.k12.va.us/mobile

Unfortunately, due to variation in phones, OS of phone systems, etc., we cannot offer any advice and/or support beyond the above for phone e-mail access.

Please note that depending upon your connection, when connecting for the first time using your phone, you may have to log into your e-mail entering rather than using just . Password entry remains unchanged.


Governor's School Introduces A New Video Series

Considering a Governor's School class but would like to know more before you take the leap? To provide more information about classes for prospective Governor's School students, the first series of information videos are now available. The videos are interviews with class instructors as well as current and former students. By viewing the videos, prospective students will learn about the class format, course content, and students' experiences. Series videos will continue to be posted throughout the year. Follow the links below to the web pages on which the currently available videos are posted.

Advanced Multimedia Applications
Human Anatomy & Physiology
All History Department Courses:
Appalachian History, Western Civilization, and World Civilization

Please Note: The videos are "Under Construction."
Please check back...they should be available soon

So grab a Governor's School admission application, a box of popcorn, and prepare to learn about a great opportunity.


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