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Advanced Multimedia Applications introduces students to the exciting world of multimedia, a combination of sound, animation, graphics, and video. Students will work with a variety of software including programs used for sound and video production, multimedia presentations, web and desktop publishing, and photo & image editing. This course incorporates lecture, tutorials, and hands-on activities, which build skills and techniques for a variety of software programs to create and edit multimedia content. Once students have developed proficiency with these software programs, they will complete individual and group projects utilizing interactive methodologies to turn their creative visions into projects. A final project will be required in both sections. At the end of the course, students will understand current multimedia data types, efficient design solutions and established standards for multimedia, and gain experiences in multimedia processing.  The core of this class is creativity! Let your mind, gifts, and talents come alive here!  

Community College Equivalents:

ITE 170 - Multimedia Software: Explores technical fundamentals of creating multimedia projects with related hardware and software. Students will learn to manage resources required for multimedia production and evaluation and techniques for selection of graphics and multimedia software.

ITE 270 - Advanced Multimedia Development: Refines multimedia skills, focusing on project development using digital media; video clips, still images, and audio (sounds, music, and narration).

Course Materials:

Vaughan, Tay. Multimedia: Making it Work, 8th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2011. 

PaintShop Pro Photo 3 Software

Class DVD Software

Jump drive / headset. Your headset will be given to your facilitator at the end of the course.

Your school library has a FlipVideo camera for you to use. 

You will be given a Graphic’s Tablet to use. These will be collected at the end of the semester.


Governor’s School Website: http://www.hgs.k12.va.us

Box.Net--stores individual files up to 1 gig in size*

EzTestOnline--course test site*

Grading Scale:
Attendance / Homework: 10 % Tests: 30 % Projects: 50 % Exams: 10%

Software Used in Class:

Microsoft 2007/2010  Suite / Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or 7 / Corel PaintShop-- Photo Pro

Pivot / Artweaver / SharePoint Designer / FlipShare / Audacity / Any Video Converter / Graphics Tablet Software / Windows Movie Maker / 7-Zip


ITE 170:

Self-Portfolio: Students will introduce themselves to the class by creating a personal multimedia self-portfolio presentation. This project will outline and storyboard information such as name, nickname, extra-curricular activities, family, college goals, hobbies, etc. Students are allowed to use familiar software and hardware.  PPTs need to be 15-20 slides; WMM files need to be two minutes.

Audio Project 1: On A Country Road: Create an audio file of music and other sounds to represent a story with various moods. Students will choose a "story" to be created. They can choose one already published or can write their own. They must submit a storyboard for teacher approval. Music and audio clips must represent mood changes in the story. This production must be at least 3-5 minutes long. The recorded story will be a live feed.  Students can use sounds files provided to them.  If they use other sounds, then they must provide a reference page.   

Tentative Group Project introducing school: Students will work within the groups from their schools to create a video or PPT that define their schools using chosen software.  This project will be completed early in the semester.  This project may vary depending on the number of students enrolled from each school per semester. 

Storyboard Project of Daily Routine: Create a video depicting student's daily routine using a variety of software programs working toward the final project.  This project needs to include audio clips, narrations, visual graphics, screen credits if available, motion shots, and transition effects.  Students will be required to submit a "paper/pencil" storyboard first to teacher for project approval.  Any music, sound, or image files used will be subjected to a reference page. 

Creating Sound Effects with a Reading: Audio Project 2: Create an audio file to represent information for a radio broadcast with appropriate background sound effects. Students will write a public service announcement for a radio broadcast. This announcement can be a product advertisement, a newsworthy item, etc. Students will be required to edit sound files needed for the final product.  Audio must be two minutes in length. 

Video PSA: Create a video PSA to represent information for a television or Internet broadcast with appropriate background sound effects. This announcement can be a product advertisement, a newsworthy item, etc. Students will be required to edit sound files needed for the final product.  Videos must be two minutes in length and be subjected to a reference page. 

Interactive Presentation: Students will create a presentation which allows the viewer(s) to select the pathways throughout the presentation. Students will be allowed to choose the subject of their presentations. This presentation will be built for a predetermined audience containing build sequences, transitions, a variety of formats, audio and visual elements, and timings. Organizational tools will be needed to design and plan the layout of the interactive presentation.  

ITE 270:

Movie Trailer: Students will create a movie trailer of their favorite movies. The length of the movie needs to be at least 60 seconds long. This project needs to include audio clips, narrations, visual graphics, screen credits if available, motion shots, and transition effects. 

Music Video: Students will create a music video using images, animation, video, and drama.

Video Scrapbook: Students will create a video scrapbook of their most memorable high school events. This can be a sporting event, a prom, a competition, etc. Teacher will entertain other ideas students may have. Students will produce a video scrapbook from scanned and digital pictures using video editing software.  All graphic files will be manipulated for best results. Audio and sound files will be used as background for images.  

Create a Website: Create an interactive Website depicting high school days, college plans, and future careers in Advanced Multimedia Applications. Users must be able to navigate this website. Students will create an interactive website that depicts Multimedia career opportunities. The website must include bulleted and numbered lists, marquee and scrolling text, animated gifs, an e-mail link, internal and external links, targets to move within pages, and page modified date. The site should also follow design strategies for layout, color usage, background, and graphics. The site should also be creative, easy to navigate, and error free.

Multimedia-Portfolio:  Students will create an interactive multimedia portfolio that demonstrates all their newly acquired technology skills. This portfolio will include three of their best projects with project descriptions. Students are expected to refine all their graded projects to perfection before submitting this final project for publication.  

Research Project: Students will complete a five-page research project that compares two decades depicting the development of multimedia trends focusing on video, audio, text, and images. This project may be changed to a SharePoint Research project that can be discussed later in the semester.  

--There will be miscellaneous projects throughout the course that are not listed. 

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