THE APPALACHIAN DISCOURSE: A Collection of Emerging Voices

Welcome to the HGS literary journal. The journal, now titled The Appalachian Discourse beginning with Volume VII, is a collection of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by students in the Governor's School's Creative Writing course. Each volume is the selected works of students during an academic year, starting with Volume I for academic year 2013-2014 students. To sample the excellent writing talent contained within each volume, most of the inaugural edition, Volume I, may be read here.

You may purchase bound book versions of the journal through, a print on demand service. Volume I - selected literary works by 2013-2014 students in Creative Writing - is available for $10.00 here; Volume II - selected literary works by 2014-2015 students - is available here for $13.99; Volume III - selected literary works by 2015-2016 students - is available here for $15.00; Volume IV - selected literary works by 2016-2017 students - is available here for $15.00; Volume V - selected literary works by 2017-2018 students - is available here for $15.00; Volume VI - selected literary works by 2018-2019 students - is available here for $15.00; Volume VII, The Appalachian Discourse - selected literary works by 2019-2020 students - is available here for $15.00; and the current literary journal, Volume VIII (The Appalachian Discourse) - selected literary works by 2020-2021 students, is available here for $20.00. (Prices exclude any taxes and shipping.)

(You may also purchase any journal volume by clicking on the cover images shown below.)