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About the Sessions

We are excited to announce that the Governor's School will host SAT Prep sessions for current ALHGS students and alumni, which will be lead by Tim Anderson of satprepteacher.com. The sessions will be available at no cost to current HGS students and alumni. Tim is a certified teacher who has helped thousands of students at over 50 schools earn the SAT score they want for college admissions and scholarships. In the prep sessions, Tim will share his SAT expertise with a sense of humor and energy. He continues to take the SAT test multiple times each year to keep his knowledge of the test current.


Students attending the prep sessions will be prepared for the Fall October 7th SAT Test. A PDF of the Prep Sessions Schedule/Agenda is available HERE.

After the initial in-person session, Tim will provide virtual live sessions on six Monday evenings from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. The remaining evening virtual session date is September 25 2023. (There will be recordings of each session available if a student has a valid reason for missing a live virtual session). SAT Prep students are expected to attend all virtual Monday evening sessions.


After a two year plus absence from the ALHGS course schedule, Physics returns to the Governor's School as a one semester asynchronous (i.e., "on demand") Honors course and as a two semester hybrid (both synchronous and asynchronous) Advanced Placement course, both beginning in the fall 2023 semester. Both HGS Physics course offerings will be algebra based (i.e., non-calculus) and high school credit only, with the AP exam available to the student after completing the advanced placement offering. (That is, the courses are not dual enrollment.)

HGS Physics is a must have for anyone planning on attending college. Enrollment for the fall 2023 semester offering is now open. Talk to your school guidance counselor today to determine your enrollment eligibility.


WELCOME to the home of the HGS Bulletin Board. The HGS Bulletin Board is the place where you can find student scholarship opportunities, unique educational opportunities, student competition announcements, and much more.

VT Quantum Information Science

The Virginia Tech Center for Quantum Information Science and Engineering is offering a FREE virtual summer school on Quantum Information Science for high school teachers and students, July 31 (Mon) to August 3 (Thu) 2023. Additional information, registration, agenda, etc. can be found at the program's web site HERE.

Summer Enrichment Experience

The Summer Enrichment Experience (SEE) program is designed to promote science and medicine to area high school students. Rising high school sophomores through rising high school seniors (10th – 12th grade) who have a strong interest in healthcare fields are encouraged to participate in the SEE program. A flyer is available HERE (PDF). Additional information, applications, etc. can be found at the program's web site HERE.

Summer Residential Governor's School

Summer Residential Governor’s Schools provide high school juniors and seniors with intensive educational experiences in visual and performing arts; humanities; mathematics, science, and technology; or through mentorships in marine science, or engineering. Interested? Additional information, applications, etc. can be found at the program's web site HERE.

SVAM 2023 Scholarship

The Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing (SVAM), Inc. is offering scholarship funding to eligible graduating high school students who wish to pursue post-secondary education for a career in a manufacturing-related field. Students will be eligible for up to $2,000 in scholarship funds. Additional information, applications, etc. can be found at the program's web site HERE. Applications are due no later than March 29, 2023.

Summer Study Programs

The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) has opened applications for two summer study opportunities: the Appalachian Entrepreneurship Academy (AEA) and the Appalachian STEM Academy at Oak Ridge. Both programs, planned for summer 2023, are free intensive learning experiences specifically for the Appalachian Region’s high school students. Additional information, applications, etc. can be found at the program's web site HERE. Applications are due no later than February 10, 2023.

2023 Governor's Residential Program

Applications for the Governor's Summer Residential Program are now being accepted. The Residential Governor's School opportunity offers students opportunities for intensive study in academics, mentorships, and visual and performing arts. The World Language Academies offers full-immersion academies for French, German, and Spanish; a partial-immersion academy for Japanese; and a Latin Academy. Residential Program details are available here and World Language Academy details are available here.

2023 BBB Student of Integrity Scholarship

The deadlines for the Better Business Bureau Serving Western VA's 20th Annual BBB Student of Integrity Scholarship Program are quickly approaching. The application deadline for the essay-based BBB Student of Integrity Essay Scholarship, which offers a $1000 award, is January 31st, 2023. The video-based entry, which provides a $500 scholarship, has an entry deadline of February 28th . Details here.

Prepare for College In Virginia

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia provides resources for parents and students to help them with preparing for higher education: Student Resources. One of these resources is the 1-2-3 GO! Program, Virginia's Three Steps to College, which helps with preparation, the application process, and paying for higher education in Virginia: Three Steps to College Events.

MIT Beaver Works Institute

MIT Beaver Works Institute is a four-week program at MIT that challenges high school students to tackle high-tech projects. Watch for future offerings and course announcements here.


HGS Virtual School Browser Requirements

The software used by the Governor's School makes use of the latest web standards supported by the major browsers: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Thus, the HGS Virtual School (Canvas) and the HGS Virtual Classroom (Jigsaw) no longer support the Internet Explorer web browser. Students should not use the Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browser to access the HSG web site, HGS Virtual School, and/or HGS Virtual Classroom.

Soon students may not be able to access the HGS Virtual School/Classroom unless they are using the latest version of Chrome and/or Firefox. As new versions of Firefox and Chrome are released, students are obligated to keep their browsers up-to-date to have access to the school's sites.

You do not know what browser version you are using? Instructions on how to check and update Firefox are available here. Instructions on how to check and update Chrome are available here.

The above noted browser requirements are currently enforced.

Governor's School Introduces A New Video Series

Considering a Governor's School class but would like to know more before you take the leap? To provide more information about classes for prospective Governor's School students, the first series of information videos are now available. The videos are interviews with class instructors as well as current and former students. By viewing the videos, prospective students will learn about the class format, course content, and students' experiences. Series videos will continue to be posted throughout the year. Follow the links below to the web pages on which the currently available videos are posted.

Advanced Multimedia Applications
Engineering Methods & Computer Programming
All History Department Courses:
Appalachian History, Western Civilization, and World Civilization

So grab a Governor's School admission application, a box of popcorn, and prepare to learn about a great opportunity.


Tour Your [Future] College Campus

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