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Email Access
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How do I obtain an e-mail account?

Once your class account (iLinc) is established, which generally occurs during Orientation, your e-mail account is set up by the Governor's School system administrator using the UserName and password you supplied
for your iLinc account. Your e-mail account will typically be available for your use within one week from the day of your Orientation. (If you do not have a class account, which is the account required log into class each day, see this FAQ support page.)

Your e-mail address is UserName@hgs.k12.va.us

How do I access and use my e-mail account?

Accessing and Using Your E-Mail Account
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Cable modem or better connection recommended
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I forgot my e-mail account password. What do I do?

The password and username for your e-mail account are the same as those you use to log into class each day. If you do not remember these, look for your account record sheet you were given during orientation. If you cannot find your information, contact the Governor's School system administrator by calling (276) 619-4352 or via e-mail at support@hgs.k12.va.us . Please state/type your first and last legal name (no nicknames, etc.), the high school you are attending, and the Governor's School class(es) you are taking during the current academic term. Also leave a contact phone number if you are calling. You should then receive your account information within 36 hours.

What is my Governor's School e-mail address?

Your e-mail address is UserName@hgs.k12.va.us


A few comments about Governor's School e-mail accounts

E-mail accounts are only for student use in association with their Governor's School classes. Appropriate use spans a range of activities from assignment submission to communicating with fellow Governor School students about any school related topic. The accounts are not for use with ebay, myspace, facebook, etc. Accounts of students found abusing their e-mail privileges will be deleted. The Governor's School reserves the right to administer appropriate additional disciplinary action beyond account deletion.

E-mail accounts are subject to monitoring at any time and without notice by Governor's School staff and/or faculty as deemed appropriate and necessary. Monitoring includes but is not limited to viewing active, deleted, and/or deleted messages recovered from the Governor's School mail server. In rare cases this may include the recovery of messages from e-mail services outside of the Governor's School as allowed by law.

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