About The Instructor

Karen Smith, B.S., B.A., M.S. Ed.

Mrs. Smith holds a B.A. and B.S. degree in Latin as well as Biology and Chemistry, respectively, both from Milligan College. She also holds a M.S. Ed. in Biology from Milligan College. While working toward completion of her degrees, Mrs. Smith also worked in a research position for Tennessee Eastman. Furthermore, she has completed graduate studies in biology at both Wake Forest University and East Tennessee State University. In addition to teaching in the graduate education departments of the University of Virginia and Milligan College, Mrs. Smith has many years experience teaching high school chemistry, biology, and environmental science. While working in her current instructor position with the Holton Governor's School, Mrs. Smith has also held adjunct professor positions with both Virginia Highlands Community College and Southwest Virginia Community College, where she has taught both biology and human anatomy and physiology classes.


Mrs. Karen Smith

Biology and Medical Sciences

Phone: 276-619-4351
Email: ksmith@hgs.k12.va.us


Human Anatomy & Physiology

Human Anatomy and Physiology integrates anatomy and physiology of cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the human body. Study is done through an integration of the concepts of chemistry, physics, and pathology.

Eight Hours

Biology, General Chemistry
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About A&P: Meet Mrs. Smith

In the video below, meet Mrs. Smith, the instructor for the Governor's School's Anatomy & Physiology, as she talks about Anatomy & Physiology in a question and answer session.