Linwood Holton Governor’s School

Probability and Statistics

Project Number Two


You are to write-up your findings in the format specified below.  Be as specific as possible in your description of the statistical method/technique used while presenting your findings from a summary perspective.  (That is, you are not to a present detailed statistical analysis. Any such detail included should be a part of an appendix.)


Thus, your work should include, as a minimum, a discussion of …

A “set-up” of your topic: what is it, why selected (if relevant), what you will show (part of your introduction)
A detailed easy to follow argument supported by FACTS/DATA.
Discussion of any analysis performed in summary form.


Your paper should NOT include …


·        Paragraphs that are composed of the same sentences with the order of the words changed

·        Recycling of a paragraph (i.e., “saying the same thing twice”)

·        Informal conversational slang

·        “Run-On” sentences

·        How you believe/think

·        Detailed numerical calculations.  If you want to show any calculation work, it should be presented as an Appendix.  Before you include, decide if you really need to show to make your point.



You are to present your project investigation in the following format:


1.      Write your report using Microsoft WORD.  The document text MUST observe the following constraints:

a.       One inch margins all around (i.e., top, bottom, left- and right-side);

b.      12 point Times New Roman font throughout (including any paper title);

c.       Double space throughout;

d.      Document title (same font and font size as document body) must be centered and only double spaced above document text; and

e.       Use simple indentation to delineate paragraphs (e.g., do not triple space to denote paragraph breaks).

f.        Name, class time, etc. are NOT to be at the top/bottom of every/any page.

2.      Text should be approximately 3 to 6 pages in length.  Graphs and/or tables, if included as part of your report, should be placed at the end of the text portion of your document (and DO NOT count as part of the document length listed above).  Make sure that you assign table and/or figure numbers if appropriate.  Any tables and/or graphs included must be addressed as part of your discussion.  They are not filler.  (If you cannot make your document meet these constraints, contact the instructor as early as possible prior to submission.)

3.      A list of references used should be placed at the end of your report.  If WEB sites are to be cited, list site name, main site address, and address of the particular page(s) used.  Any reference list you may include is not to be counted as part of the text document length listed above.


Your report is NOT to be an exercise in creative writing.

Several points to remember when you write your report:


·        Clearly state your objective at or near the beginning of your report .

·        If appropriate, provide a very brief summary paragraph at the end of your report.

·        Be precise, brief, and to the point in telling what you found in your search/work.

·        Do not speculate.  You are not describing what you “believe” or how you “feel.”




To submit your work, E-MAIL the finished Microsoft Word formatted document AS AN ATTACHMENT to the following address:

Your work is due no later than 2:00 pm on Thursday, May 28, 2009.  It is your responsibility to see that your work has been received by the instructor by the due date and time.  “You sent it, but it must have gone someplace else” is NOT acceptable.  Also, e-mail system failure does not relieve you of your obligation to submit your work on time.


NOTE: Any submission not meeting the format requirements specified (Microsoft Word document, etc.) above will be deleted and a grade of zero assigned.  A reply with a second request for the correct format WILL NOT BE MADE by the instructor.  You only have one time to get it right.