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Second level
Third level
Fourth level
Fifth level
Price from 1979 Radio Shack Catalogue (CDN$):
Level!!, 16 K 1547
Expansion Kit 1327
Disk 1 829
Disk 2 799
Serial Interface 160
Printer (1980) 349
TOTAL $5,011
Retailed through the 3000 Radio Shack stores, the TRS-80 Model I was the first mass-marketed computer. At the time of its introduction, only 25 units had been built. Nearly 55,000 were sold in the first year of production.
Availbale August Aug.3 1977
Disk storage  83 k per side
ROM 4k
In order to tackle the scope and breadth of the project ahead, Winston designated a group of teams that included both artists and engineers. To give you an idea of each team's complex responsibilities, meet "Team rex," which consisted of 12 operators performing widely varying functions. Constructed from a frame of fiberglass and 3000 pounds of clay, the 20 foot tall T-rex was covered with a durable yet delicate latex skin and then painted by a team of artists who blended a rich palette of colors to bring his body to life. The T-rex was then mounted on a "dino-simulator," an imaginative mechanism inspired by hydraulic technology and based on a traditional six-axis flight simulator used by the military. On this motion-based foundation, both the platform and the T-rex could be actuated through a computer control board.