Advanced Multimedia Applications

Instructor: Mrs. Wilson

Welcome to AMA!  This is the first year Linwood has offered this class.  We are excited about it. 

Class Times:  1st and 2nd Semester Block 8:20-9:50 a.m.; Yearlong 11:40-12:30 p.m.

Instructor Contact: 276-859-0008;; Skype: melissa_wilson1

AMA Student Video Projects

To view select Advanced Multimedia Application student video project's
Please Click HERE.

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The video projects available through the above link are developed, produced, and made available by students in the Advanced Multimedia Applications course, who individually are solely responsible for their content.

The Governor's School, its staff and faculty, and its sponsoring parties do not endorse or approve the videos for posting nor make any claim as to the appropriateness of their content. Any opinions expressed in the videos are those of the content creator and are not necessarily those of the Linwood Holton Governor's School, its governing board, or any of its employees.

Course Materials provided to students from the school:

Vaughan, Tay. Multimedia: Making it Work, 7th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2008. 

PaintShop Pro Photo X2 Software

Course Links

Class Recording Archive

Course Syllabus


Course Announcements and Discussions take place in PageOut.

Eztest Online

Course tests can be found here.

Mrs. Wilson's Portaportal

PortaPortal is a collection of links used in this class.  Students are required to create their own PortaPortal accounts.

Assignments are uploaded in  If this site is blocked at your school, please let your facilitator and me know ASAP!


Software used in class: These should be on school computers.

Name of Software



Microsoft Office 2007 Suite

Desktop Publishing; Presentation Strategies; Sound and Video Production

Microsoft Office Speech Recognition; Microsoft Office PowerPoint; Microsoft Office Publishing; Microsoft Office Excel

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems


PaintShop Pro (Software given to students)

Desktop Publishing; Image Management; Presentation Strategies; Sound and Video Production; Visual Communication

Microsoft Windows Movie Maker; Microsoft Windows Sound Recorder

Provided to Students on CD or Students can download programs.

Name of Software



OpenOffice 3.0

Google SketchUP




Animation; Presentation Strategies

OpenOffice Draw; OpenOffice Impress

SharePoint Designer                    

Web Publishing




Image Management; Presentation Strategies; Sound and Video Production



FreeNatual Reader

Presentation Strategies; Sound and Video Production

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