Methods of Research

This course is designed to teach the fundamental concepts and skills in evaluating and conducting research. Major topics include: understanding and using basic research concepts, analyzing and critiquing research studies, using library and internet resources to collect information, designing and conducting an independent research project, writing and documenting findings, and using technology to complete and communicate project results.

About the Class: An Instructor's Comments
"Research is not a word that many students like to hear. The word connotes not only hard work, but it also leaves a perplexed impression of an undefined starting point. Questions immediately arise on where to start and how to begin. There is an essential academic need for students to learn basic and advanced research principles required for both college and career lives. Too often, students enter a four-year school without the necessary skills they need for scholastic survival and success. Orientation programs offer study skills and time management classes, but developing research skills are neglected because of research's abstract level of perceived difficulty. This course will teach and train students how to utilize the different methods of research, find needed sources, and complete educated research projected and assignments. These skills will optimize the student's overall educational and lifelong experiences."

10th Grade English

VCCS Designation and Dual Enrollment College Credit
This class is not offered with a dual enrollment option. It can be taken for high school credit only.
     High School Course Code: 1516, Local English Elective

Semesters Offered
Academic Year Class ...
     Fall Semester and Spring Semester: Methods of Research
Please Note: In the Academic Year Class, the course is not divided into two
distinct parts. The course spans the entire academic year.

Block Schedule Class ...
     Spring Semester: Methods of Research


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