Environmental Science and Related Problems


Presents and discusses basic scientific, health-related, ethical, economic, social and political aspects of environmental activities, policies/decisions. Studies the relationship of man to his environment; ecological principles, population dynamics, topics of current importance including air, water, and noise pollution; poisoning and toxicity, radiation, conservation and management of natural resources. Emphasizes the multidisciplinary nature of environmental problems and their potential solutions.



Additional requirement for dual enrollment option:
Students may be required to have a passing score on a portion of the Virginia Placement Test (VPT), OR one SAT score of 500 or greater OR one ACT score of 21 or greater.

Semesters Offered & Schedule Format

Fall Semester
Academic Year Schedule: Basic Environmental Science
Block Schedule: Basic Environmental Science & Environmental Problems
Spring Semester
Academic Year Schedule: Environmental Problems
Block Schedule: Basic Environmental Science & Environmental Problems

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Ms. Julie Reimer
e-mail: jreimer@hgs.k12.va.us

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