Introduction to Engineering Methods and Computer Programming


This course will introduce the fundamentals of structured computer programming and problem solving techniques using high level computer languages. Object oriented programming languages such as Python, Processing (Java based), and JavaScript will be used. Students will construct original computer code as well as use packaged software in their exploration of learning software based problem-solving techniques.

Solution strategies will emphasize problem solving in technical fields as well as creativity and expression through programming. The course is all inclusive. Thus, technical fundamentals required for problem solving will be covered as part of the course. No prior programming experience is expected.


Students will need a home computer running Windows XP or higher as well as a home Internet connection or another way to access internet based course content outside of the daily class time.


Algebra II

Additional requirement for dual enrollment option:
Students may be required to have a passing score on a portion of the Virginia Placement Test (VPT), OR one SAT score of 500 or greater OR one ACT score of 21 or greater.

Semesters Offered & Schedule Format

Fall Semester
Academic Year Schedule:
Introduction to Engineering Methods and Computer Programming
Spring Semester
Academic Year Schedule:
Introduction to Engineering Methods and Computer Programming (continuation from fall)
Block Schedule:
Introduction to Engineering Methods and Computer Programming

Class/Instruction Format

Synchronous (i.e., real time instructor led)

VCCS Designation and College Credit

Please Note: In the Academic Year Class the dual enrollment college classes are not divided into semesters. Both dual enrollment college counterparts span the full academic year. Thus, dual enrollment credit for either college class cannot be obtained by only completing one semester of this Governor's School class. At the end of the academic year, six hours college credit will be issued for both VCCS courses. That is, a student completing only the fall semester is not eligible for any college (dual enrollment) credit.

In the Block Schedule Class both dual enrollment college counterparts concurrently span the full semester. College credit eligibility occurs only after having completed the full semester.

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Dr. Bruce Norton

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