Appalachian History


This course addresses the history of the Appalachian region - from Pre-Columbian period through the early 21st century -with a focus on southern Appalachia. Emphasis will be placed on such skills as historical research, use of primary documents, oral history, archival work, and preservation.


United States History (can be taken concurrently)

Additional requirement for dual enrollment option:
Students may be required to have a passing score on a portion of the Virginia Placement Test (VPT), OR one SAT score of 500 or greater OR one ACT score of 21 or greater.

Semesters Offered & Schedule Format

Fall Semester
Block Schedule: Appalachian History
Spring Semester
Block Schedule: Appalachian History

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Block Schedule: Asynchronous (i.e., on demand)

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Mr. Mark Hagy

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