Survey of American Literature


The primary purpose of this course is to introduce American Literature from its earliest up to approximately the Civil War. Though the literature is priority of the course, there is no escaping the historical aspects as they directly affect what, how, and who is writing.

Diversity will also be discussed as we study writers from varied backgrounds so that we might get a sense of the many different facets of life represented in the American experience. We will read to discover connections between ideas and patterns in the development of American society and culture.

Coursework will emphasize individual writers and their works, including analysis of each piece of literature for its literary merits, artistic achievement, and thematic significance. Fictional and poetic techniques and terminology will be emphasized as they are evidenced in the writings studied.


ALHGS English Literature and Composition I & II: VCCS designations ENG 111 & ENG 112, respectively. (English Literature & Composition is offered during the fall semester.)

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Survey of American Literature

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Please Note: In the Block Schedule Class both dual enrollment college counterparts concurrently span the full semester. College credit eligibility occurs only after having completed the full semester.

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Ms. Dominique Traverse Locke

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Mrs. Virgie Barnette
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