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— August 2018—

RECORDING DATE Block Schedule Academic Year

Monday, 8/13 Not Offered Fall Semester Not Available
Tuesday, 8/14   Not Available
Wednesday, 8/15   Play Recording
Thursday, 8/16 Not Available
Friday, 8/17   Play Recording



Note: ALL PowerBoard archive files are IPB format and require iLinc client software for viewing. For details of how to download install, the iLinc client software, click here. For details of how to view the PowerBoard file(s) once the iLinc client software is installed, click here . Shell Text files are of *.txt file type. Unless otherwise noted, shell text files are Python code.

— August 2018—

POWERBOARD DATE Block Schedule Academic Year

Monday, 4/30 Not Available PowerBoard File
and sets.py
Tuesday, 5/01 Problem Work Day PowerBoard File
Wednesday, 5/02 Problem Work Day set.py
Thursday, 5/03 Problem Work Day PowerBoard File
Friday, 5/04 Problem Work Day PowerBoard File





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