CAT DISSECTION: Go to the addy listed to complete this lab activity. Next click on  the statement that says “If you already have a password, click here.” Use the log in name ksmith and the password xray to get into this site. Go to the Musculature System and get familiar with the activity.

Also use the diagrams available in your text to answer the following questions:


1. Go to the neck. Find the sternomastoid in the cat. What is this muscle called in

humans?________________________. What is its function?_______________________


2. Locate the digastric muscle in the neck area. What is its function?________________


3. Go to abdomen. Find the rectus abdominis. How can it be strengthened?___________


4. Locate the transversus abdominus. What activity helps in exercising it?____________

5. Find the internal and external obliques. What is the difference between them? __________________________________

   What nerves cause them to contract?__________________________________________

6. Go to chest. Locate the pectoralis major. What is its origin?_____________________

7. Locate the pectoralis minor. Describe where this is found in humans._____________


8. Go to chest deep and read all captions.

9. Go to shoulder/back. Locate the levator scapulae. What does it do?_______________


10. Locate the acromiodeltoid. How many are found in humans?_______ Describe where found in humans ?_______________

11. Find the extensor muscles in the cat and notice the similarities in the human extensor group.

12. Find the latissimus dorsi. What movements does it participate in in humans?


13. Find the spinotrapezius. What is the corresponding muscle in humans?___________

14. Look at the remaining muscles in the shoulder/back.

15. Go to arm flexors. Locate the pectoantebrachialis. What does this muscle do in cats?

_____________________________________________Do humans have one?_______

16. Locate the biceps brachii. Describe it in the human.___________________________


17. Locate the epitrochlearis. What is its insertion?______________________________


18. Go to leg/medial. Locate the sartorius. What does it do in humans?


19. Locate the gastrocnemius. Why is it important to ballerinas?___________________


20. Go to shank lateral. Find the biceps femoris. What does it do?__________________


21. Locate the calcaneal tendon. What is the calcaneus of the foot in humans?________

22. Go to hind region lateral. Find the gluteus maximus.

What type of movement does it allow in humans?_______________________________


 Examine all areas in the muscular system of the cat and compare them with the human musculature.